Photo Credit: Kevin Connors


“As Helen, Alison’s mother, Raissa Katona Bennett is heartbreaking and she delivers a devastating “Days and Days” near the end of the show, summing up the story of her life and marriage.” ~ Talking Broadway

“Raissa Katona Bennett’s performance puts heart into Helen’s songs…” ~ New Haven Review

“Raissa Katona Bennett has the less developed role of the mother, Helen. She handles the contradictions in the character well.” ~ Two on the Aisle

“…you will leave with Alison…imprinted on your mind for days to follow, as well as Helen’s (Raissa Katona Bennett) haunting rendition of ‘Days and Days’…” ~ CT Theater

Photo Credit: Stephen Sorokoff


“Amazingly looking and sounding even better…” ~ Broadway World

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